Awarding the Deserved

Student Hall of Fame

⦁ The Student Hall of Fame
⦁ African Student Personality of the year
⦁ The Kwame Nkrumah Student President of the Year
⦁ African Student Leader of the Year
⦁ Pan-African Student Journalist of the Year
⦁ African Student Entrepreneur of the Year
⦁ African Student Inventor of the Year
⦁ African Student Sports Personality of the year
⦁ Agribusiness Personality of the Year
⦁ African Rising Star in Showbiz
⦁ African Student Photographer of Year
⦁ SRC of the year
⦁ National Student Union of the year
⦁ African Student Blogger of the year
⦁ African Campus Group of the year
⦁ African Student Author of the year
⦁ Most Popular African University of the year


A nominee for the Student Hall of Fame must among other things be

⦁ A student in an accredited institution and should be ready and able to present their proof of studentship during the 2020/2021 academic year.

⦁ Must be a person who can be used as a role model for others.

⦁ Must be performing creditably well in class and ready to show proof of performance.

⦁ A nominee must be an African student schooling on the continent or elsewhere.

⦁ Nominees for the Corporate Platinum Awards and the Honorary Awards should have contributed to educational development in an exceptional way, in the year under consideration.


⦁ A student seeking to nominate a person or body of persons shall do so by visiting our website to fill and submit the nomination forms.

⦁ The List of Nominees shall be shortlisted by the NSA Planning Team.

⦁ The AfSA Council “may call” on all nominees for interviews to obtain additional information and seek clarification where necessary to determine whether a nominee is qualified or not based on the criteria spelt out in this handbook.

⦁ Voting will be done using our e-voting platform on which 100% of the total marks to be scored.

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