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Several studies have established that contrary to widespread beliefs, formal, and informal education were actively in existence in Africa prior to the commencement of colonialism. At the formal, non-formal and informal levels, Africans in various parts of the continent were consistently involved in the business of transmitting knowledge to the younger generation. Walter Rodney asserts that “the colonizers did not introduce education into Africa, they introduced a new set of formal educational institutions which partly supplemented and partly replaced those which were there before” (London, Bogle L’Overture 1972, 263)
One of the oldest books of literature on the face of the earth (The Bible) Supports this assertion when in Acts 8:26-40 Philip met an Ethiopian Eunuch who was reading the Book of Isaiah. The book of Acts according to biblical scholars was written perhaps between AD 70 and 90 it was not until the eighteenth Century that Africa was first colonised. If Africans could read as early as AD 70, then we had a form of education which was capable of instructing our people.
Over the years, African education has evolved in several ways to arrive at where we are today. Yet at the continental level, we the students of Africa do not have any award scheme that acknowledges the people who are helping the progress of education in Africa, and students who are excelling in different forms of education on the continent.
In light of this, The African Students Awards has been instituted to lease with continental, sub-regional and national student and youth organisations to acknowledge and honour individuals and corporate entities who are supporting the progress of education in Africa, whiles at the same time, awarding students who are excelling in diverse fields of endeavour.

The Vision of the African Students Awards is to create a globally recognised awards scheme at the student level and use it as a platform to honour educational heroes of Africa and use the scheme as a platform to champion African Unity.

With a touch of professionalism and using modern technology as a tool, this awards is to honour individuals and organizations, on the noble continent of Africa, who are making a meaningful impact in our educational systems, whiles awarding students who are excelling in different areas of endeavour to encourage, inspire, and motivate winners to continue bringing out the best in themselves.

The African Students Awards will cover to include Africans studying on the continent and those who are studying outside the continent of Africa.

The aims and objectives of the African Students’ Awards scheme include but not limited to:
⦁ To use this award to help in any way possible towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in Africa.
⦁ Use this scheme to support the African Unity Agenda
⦁ Serve as a motivation to corporate organisations investing hugely in Africa’s education, to continue the good works they are doing.
⦁ Serve as a means to generate revenue in support of Brilliant but needy students.
⦁ Encourage workers not only teachers in our educational institutions to know that their efforts are also appreciated by we the students they teach and or serve.
⦁ Honour foreign Nationals and diplomats who once schooled in Africa and are making a good use of the education they acquired in Africa to impact the world positively.
⦁ Motivate African students to know that education is key to the development of our continent.
⦁ Bring to the notice of parents and students the wonderful efforts people are making to keep Africa educated.
⦁ Show to the world the need for Unity and Togetherness as we show what our united efforts as student leaders can do to accelerate Africa’s development.
⦁ Recognise and honour students with special abilities and talents.
⦁ To recognise and award former student leaders who distinguished themselves in serving Students.

⦁ All African Students Union
⦁ The Pan African Youth Union
⦁ The Association of African Universities

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